Some of you might remember me when I blogged at So This is my Gig back in the day. Well that blog has since died, but the girl behind it has not. Previously on my last blog I was a girl living in Southern California, only a few blocks from the beach, with a great (yet boring) job with health insurance, who drove a nice car where strangers couldn’t touch me and I’d sing along to the radio and pretend I was performing at the Grammys, while never having to remember where my umbrella is because it rains like 4 times a year there.

Now I live in New York City, a block from a funeral home, with a job (that by my standards makes me a poor person) and if I get sick there is possible health insurance fraud in my future, I ride the crowded train where if I make it out without someone rubbing up against my butt it is a small miracle, who never leaves home without an umbrella because FOR FUCK’S SAKE it rains a lot here.

In all honesty, that sounds like I am complaining about this city. I’m not. It was my dream for so long to one day live here and I made it happen, which I am pretty proud of myself for. New York is home.

And like all the lame people are saying now, YOLO.

P.S. I am so embarrassed I said Yolo.